adaQuest helps your organization remain constantly aware of the current threat landscape to help identify attacks and attackers before they cause damage or disruption.

Risk assessment


Perform a security assessment analysis to help understand security risks, formulate policies and plan for improvement.

Manage mobile productivity


Secure access to the cloud helping to protect data on unmanaged devices.

Safeguard messaging


Deliver zero-day protection to help guard against unknown malware and viruses.

Detect and respond to suspicious activity


Use artificial intelligence and machine learning to help identify high-risk activity and quickly respond to attacks before damage occurs.

Protect, detect and quickly respond to threats


Use artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other tools to prevent breaches, identify high-risk activity, and quickly and effectively respond to threats.

With Microsoft 365, adaQuest can help your organization proactively guard against threats, use advanced analytics to identify breaches and threats, and automate responses to threats enterprise-wide.

Do you need help with threat protection?

  • Do you have tools that automatically detect high-risk usage?
  • Are you leveraging machine learning to uncover suspicious activities?
  • Can you easily access reports to discover patterns that reveal threats?
  • Can you automatically guard users against phishing attacks and dangerous links?
  • How quickly can you react after a breach has been detected?

Lost from ransomware

Lost from ransomware in 2016


Ransomware Attacks per day

Ransomware Attacks per day in 2016


Starts with Phishing Email

Of cyberattacks start with phishing email


Spending on Cybersecurity Products & Services

Cumulative global spending on cybersecurity products and services over the next 5 years

Microsoft 365 products and services can help you develop solutions for a security practice focused on enterprise-level identity protection.

Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection


As hackers launch increasingly sophisticated attacks, organizations seek tools that provide stronger protection against specific types of advanced threats.

Office 365 Threat Intelligence — Proactive help to find and eliminate threats


Leverage a vast repository of threat intelligence data to help enterprises spot patterns that correspond to attack behaviors and suspicious activity.

Office 365 Security and Compliance Center — Protect data in Office 365


Enterprise customers need help managing compliance features across Office 365.

Advanced threat analytics — Detect suspicious activity right away


Given the rapidly changing threat landscape, enterprises need tools that provide a succinct, real-time view of attacks, and identify suspicious user or device behavior.

Azure Security Center – Increased visibility and control over the security of your Azure resources


Today’s threats call for an integrated, analytics-driven solution that helps enterprises stay ahead of current and emerging cloud threats to secure their data and users, and to remediate issues and recover quickly.

Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection — Detect, investigate and respond to advanced attacks.


As cyberattacks become more sophisticated and targeted, even the best endpoint defenses will be breached, eventually. Enterprise customers need tools that help them detect, investigate, and respond to advanced attacks and data breaches on their networks.

Windows Defender Security Center


Businesses need easier ways to view and control security protections. Now businesses have visibility into the device endpoint security.

Cloud App Security


Gain visibility into Shadow IT and assess risks, help to detect abnormal user behavior and prevent threats.