Even if you’re one of the lucky few, are you sure you can repeat your triumph? 90% of organizations fail to successfully implement their strategies, and even the rare “success” stories have an average ROI of less than 34% on their strategic planning initiatives.

TAD is the future of strategy execution;
because it isn’t your fault.

The problem is that balancing focus between strategy and operations is hard;
harder than it needs to be.

TAD changes that. TAD is a holistic, light-weight strategy deployment kit designed to ensure that an organization of any size in any industry can realize its vision. This is achieved through software tools, coaching services that provide just the right amount of process, and a workable framework that seamlessly ties Strategy to Initiative, Initiative to Operations, and Operations back to Strategy.


 is about aligning your entire organization to your vision and making it happen


is about executing on your organization’s strategic initiatives step-by-step


is about launching your initiatives, tracking the results, and optimizing future impact.


Organizational Alignment

Successful Organizational Alignment is where everyone heads in the same direction, and understands why they’re doing it. It’s where everyone is united on both past and future; where they are and where they’re going. You can utilize TAD’s robust Competency Assessment and SWOT tools to initiate discussions that are rooted in facts, enabling fair representation, big picture mindsets, and a proud confluence of vision ownership.


One of the greatest catalysts of strategic failure is a ponderous one-size-fits-all approach to process. TAD seeks to ensure a smooth and thoughtful journey for each initiative. It tackles the problem with the right amount of email notification, non-intrusive alerts, and process-oriented tools. You can use the Workflow Designer tool to build an appropriate path for each initiative to follow, based on specific business needs. You can use Framework Pages to enable even more flexibility, by customizing the overall framework: you can turn steps on and off, reorder steps, or even rename them to something more familiar.


TAD places importance on customizability because it seeks to infuse cultural and procedural best practices into your organization without eliminating the goodness you’ve built up so far. You get to embrace vital changes that help you evolve and extend, but still stay true to who you are. The TAD Translator allows you to maintain your language, Personalized Alerts let you designate alert frequency, audience, and content, and Outcomes are in your handsyou can customize your desired outcomes to include anything under the sun, rather than being strictly limited to financials.


TAD isn’t a closed system. Rather, it holistically aggregates information in a single location, helping you make the most of your point solutions. Instead of duplicating information, TAD can connect to what you have, which can be virtually anything. Although our current list includes big players like Google, Microsoft, and Dropbox, TAD certainly isn’t limited to those options! TAD has an open API, which allows you to forge ahead with any connection you might desire. Gone are the days where you need to cut and paste a mountain of information. Take a seat, and enjoy a world of simple connections with TAD.