Modern IT Enterprise Security Proof of Concept

Potential Benefits


Understand the security features of Windows 10, Office 365, and Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) and how they can be used in your environment.

Hands-on lab using the latest and most advanced security features to protect, detect, and respond to advanced attacks in your IT environment on premises and in the cloud. Prioritize the implementation of the key features and scenarios based on your IT and business context.


A five-day proof-of-concept to help enhance the potential security benefits of Windows 10 Creators Update, Office 365 and EMS in your environment


Microsoft builds security into products and services from the start. That’s how they deliver a comprehensive, agile platform to better protect your endpoints, move faster to detect threats, and respond to security breaches across even the largest of organizations.


What’s your security posture?


The security landscape has changed dramatically over the past three years and many technologies are not prepared to deal with these new threats. Automated malware detection and forensics often occur too late—after the breach—and it can take months before one notices they have been compromised.


In response to these constantly evolving threats, Windows 10, EMS, and Office 365 have introduced many innovative security features. These features harden identities, data & applications, infrastructure, and devices against advanced attacks, helping you respond more effectively to breaches when they happen. Windows 10, EMS, and Office 365 security brings a much needed unified and comprehensive solution for disrupting cyber-attackers.


What can you do?


The Modern IT Enterprise Security Proof-of-Concept (PoC) provides a path to becoming a secure modern enterprise through strategic investments in both digital transformation and security enhancements.


Additionally, this PoC drives planning to upgrade corporate workstations and cloud services to the latest Windows operating systems and cloud services, Microsoft 365 Enterprise E5. The Modern IT Enterprise Security PoC will provide a better opportunity to evaluate the functionality, user experience, and deployment of these features to prevent, detect, and respond to cyber-attacks, protect intellectual property, and maintain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Addressing attacker’s threats requires an innovative approach

Evolving threats require evolving technology


Since 2012, we have seen a big shift where nation states, and even terrorist groups, have started to get involved in cyberattacks against the private sector. These attacks are brazened and include high levels of sophistication. Attackers are no longer focused solely on mass IP theft, but rather on damage and disruption. We are truly in a new era where the costs of breaches are easily quantifiable and impactful to the balance sheet.


Windows 10, EMS, and Office 365 security not only makes cyberattacks more difficult to accomplish, but also aims at eliminating the possibility of attacks altogether.

Modern IT Enterprise Security Proof of Concept
This offering is designed for customers taking their primary steps in the planning effort for Windows 10, EMS, and Office 365 security. Our onsite engineer will help you build a lab to explore these security capabilities, understand new security enhancements together with open discussion. The engagement culminates with an assessment and roadmap.
Day 1
Day 2
Identity & Access Management
Day 3
Information Protection
Day 4
Threat Protection
Day 5
  1. Kick-off
  2. Microsoft Security
  3. Lab Setup
  4. Windows 10, Office 365, EMS Security Overview
  1. Credential Guard, Device Guard or VPN
  2. Conditional Access (with Windows 10 and Android)
  3. Azure AD Identity Protection
  4. Privileged Identity Management
  5. Q&A
  1. Device Encryption or Window Information Protection
  2. Azure Information Protection (with Windows 10 and Android)
  3. Office Data Loss Prevention
  4. Q&A
  1. Office 365 ATP
  2. Windows Defender ATP
  3. Cloud App Security and Office 365 Advanced Security Management
  4. Q&A
  1. Discussion of Customer Environment
  2. Gap Analysis
  3. Security Implementation Recommendation
  4. Closeout
  5. Q&A
Target attendees: IT technical decision makers and IT professionals Outcome: Recommendations of the security features of Windows 10, EMS, and Office 365 for your enterprise.

Take your first steps towards a more secure future.

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