Microsoft Security & Productivity Workshops

Microsoft Security & Productivity Workshops

Is your organization trying to facilitate remote work in a secure and productive manner? adaQuest can help!

In the last two months adaQuest has helped over 30 companies, government organizations, and universities to facilitate safe, secure, and productive remote work.  This has been accomplished by the delivery of interactive one-day workshops focused on securing data and improving productivity.

The workshops, Secure Remote Work, and The Security Workshop, are funded by Microsoft for qualifying organizations.

The Secure Remote Work workshop introduces best practices for deploying and using Microsoft Teams in the most secure and productive manner.

Topics include; Enabling hybrid identity (single sign-on & self-service password reset), Rapid deployment of Teams (checklists, installation, configuration), Adoption & Change Management (End user training, workload introductions, support resources), Secure Access (Conditional Access, MFA).

In addition to deployment guidance participants will receive an environmental & workload analysis, rapid assessment of their security posture, Teams Security & Adoption Kit, comprehensive technical guide, and more.

The Security Workshop focuses on best practices for deploying the large number of security tools built into Office 365 and Microsoft 365, and may include a complimentary vulnerability scan. Topics include threat identification, Microsoft’s holistic approach to security, an analysis of your current security posture, and more.

Both workshops require a 1-2 hour planning session, and then are delivered either onsite or virtually during a full-day or two half-day sessions.

If you’d like to find out whether your organization qualifies for a Microsoft funded Securing Remote Work or Security Workshop, please contact:

Bellevue, Washington based adaQuest is a Microsoft Security & Compliance, and Cloud Productivity Gold Partner. adaQuest is also a Microsoft FastTrack Partner and CSP.

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