IT Merger and Acquisitions can be treacherous. After all, Merger and Acquisitions aren’t the sort of investments you can just purchase and plop in the trophy case – they have to be integrated and maintained if you want to realize their value. It’s a classic case of high risk, high reward; like navigating a minefield for buried treasure.

But what if you had a map? Maps help you avoid traps and obstacles, because they lead you down the ideal path.

Today, IT M&A services are the map for your integrative adventure.

However, not all maps compare to one another. The map you purchase off the street might not be as dependable as what you can purchase from the welcoming cartography shop on the main drag.

adaQuest is the cartographer that you can depend on for your IT M&A journey. Over the last 5 years, we have honed a unique, comprehensive process that identifies your IT M&A needs and requirements, and helps transform your grand journey into a simple stroll for buried treasure.


Our Services


Need new client machines or network equipment? We’ll handle it for you. We also deal with the equipment specification, international order management, and equipment delivery and collection.

On-Boarding Support

We can help your team stay ahead of the curve with on-boarding events, IT training, and account and security management.

Site and Network Changes

Do you ever get tired of keeping track of everything? We can eliminate that stress by organizing the entire IT M&A process for you, from the first affected sites survey to planned organizational activities and comprehensive network topology.


Email problems are like an efficiency power outage. We can put our experts to work on tasks ranging from connectivity issues to the full migration of all users’ accounts and data.

Application Management

You’re using Salesforce, but your acquisition uses Microsoft Dynamics?  Don’t worry. Regardless of your situation, we can manage your application mergers and migration, as well as the legal and financial frustrations of application licensing.

Areas Of Work

Our expertise can be scaled as needed – from small-scale projects to multiple sites and thousands of users. We’ve helped some of the world’s largest corporations navigate the minefield, and have deep experience in 6 major areas:

Human Resources

Intellectual Capital


Physical Assets

Corporate Security

Organizational Policy and Process

Engagement Models

As with all adaQuest services, our IT M&A team has several ways to engage with your organization.
The SMART series provides three engagement models, which you can select based upon your unique needs:

Our team can leverage our skill and experience working with the largest IT enterprises in the world to implement the most optimal and effective process for your IT M&A Integration projects.


Our team can support your team and take on specific projects or part of projects. This will allow your team to manage project overflow in a very cost effective way.


We have a deep understanding of IT M&A and a strong network of resources. We can use this network and expertise to help identify and attract the right talent to augment your projects.

What Makes Us Different

A Proven Approach

When embarking on a Merger or taking on new Acquisitions, time, safety, and secrecy are of the utmost importance. In order to help you convert these constraints into successes and maximize value, we utilize an original 4-step approach.

We know how important it is for a solution to suit your organization, so our first step is to build an understanding of your unique situation, needs, and potential pain points.

Classify and Assign:
Classify and Assign go hand and hand as the 2nd and 3rd steps in our approach. Once we have a cohesive understanding of where you are, we utilize special sorting processes to classify your potential pain points and distribute them beneath various umbrellas. Once they’re all sorted, we carefully distribute each of them to the most suitable expert.

Although Report is the last step mentioned in our approach, hiring us is a guarantee of timely status reporting throughout the entire process. As part of our service package, we provide highly detailed tracking metrics, making sure you are always in the possession of the latest news. You’re always in the know about budget estimates, operations, and resources, and you always leave with pristine confidentiality and a comprehensive exit report.



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