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Next Steps

Now that you are officially a TAD Certified Partner, you have a chance to obtain even greater opportunities.

So far, you engaged with us as you learned about our Think.Act.Deliver. Methodology and TAD software. You took part in our enablement program and consequently became certified in TAD.

Engage and Enable are the first 2 steps in the partner lifecycle.
Now it’s time to Nurture your TAD skills and partner involvement with trainings, implementation, and networking events.
You also have the chance to Grow your relationship with us, by contributing to the TAD effort, and getting benefits for doing so.

In return, you benefit from increased knowledge, skills and experience, and a broadened network!


How Contributions Work, and What They Mean for You

We are delighted to work more closely with individuals who eat, sleep, and breathe TAD, so we have devised a system of 4 contribution types that each help you qualify for additional benefits.

Contribution Types:

  1. Content Creation
    Submit blog articles to our website after submitting them to your own. You earn credit while we help each other maximize SEO.
  2. Referrals
    Refer potential partners to us, so that we can continue expanding the TAD network. You can earn credit when your referred partners pay to sign up for an upcoming certification class.
  3. Selling Services
    You handle the TAD sale, but let us deliver the services. You earn credit while taking cuts in software and service revenue.
  4. Software Implementation
    You handle the TAD sale and build it into your own practice, selling it directly to your clients. Earn credit while fueling your business.

As you accrue credit, you can gain benefits such as:
Special online or instructor-led trainings, waived fees for continued education classes, additional support hours provided by adaQuest consultants, or even a personal, dedicated instance of TAD.