Our Methodology

Think.Act.Deliver. is the methodology that will transform strategy execution as we know it.

Strategy execution that suffers from a lack of reality? Solved.
Incessantly unsuitable amounts of process? Solved.
A frustrating inability to deal with future change? Solved.
Disengaged employees or organizational misalignment? Solved.
A lack of strong financial results? Solved.

Too many organizations believe that streamlining operations and then measuring them is enough, but we believe they’re wrong. We believe that it is essential to join strategy execution to operations execution in order to truly enable maximal success.

Imagine, being able to reach your vision, because you identified it.
Imagine having a method to align everyone to your vision so that they stop re-interpreting it, and imagine a day when everyone in your organization understands your vision, follows your vision,
and fights for your vision.

We imagined, and we realized. Think.Act.Deliver. is the brainchild of industry best practices and decades of professional experience. In response to the frustration and the inefficiency that plagues organizations everywhere; in response to strategic binders that never leave the boardroom shelf, we want to change how Strategy Execution works.

In order to overcome the myriad of difficulties that afflict organizations and to help them realize their visions, Think.Act.Deliver. fuses strategy execution to operations execution with three simple steps enabling strategy to thrive alongside business-as-usual, rather than be buried by it.

THINK is about aligning your entire organization to your vision and making it happen.

ACT is about executing on your organization’s strategic initiatives step-by-step.

DELIVER is about launching your initiatives, tracking the results, and optimizing future impact

The Software: TAD

TAD is a SaaS-based application that seamlessly enables the implementation of Think.Act.Deliver. through a simple interface, robust tools, and powerful tracking metrics.

Yet while TAD further reinforces easier strategy execution, enables more transparency, and forges organizational alignment, it also achieves things the methodology alone cannot, as it automates the entire process and makes it repeatable while keeping it cost effective. If you want to learn more about the software, click HERE to go to the TAD webpage.




TAD Partner Network

Being a TAD partner is not for everyone,
but you know who you are.

You are a consultant and you’re good at solving problems.
You consider process a focus, but the pursuit of good process is part of your lifestyle.
You believe that it’s a little absurd how hard it is for organizations to achieve what they want.

You hunger for change, and you are driven to execute strategy better than anyone ever has before.

If this describes you, and you’re hopeful that Think.Act.Deliver. and the TAD software could be the answers you’ve been waiting for, then you could be a strong addition to our TAD Partner Network.

TAD Partners are members of an exclusive coterie. 50% shared confidence in adaQuest’s powerful Think.Act.Deliver. Methodology, and 50% desire to be part of a strong professional network of like-minded consultants, TAD partners not only pack a wealth of experience and skill, but are also joined in a motivation to claim the edge that could carry them to the top.


How to Become a Partner

There are four stages to our partner life cycle: Engagement, Enablement, Nurturing, and Growth.

If you are interested in becoming a TAD partner, the first step is to contact us so that we can set up a meeting over coffee. Within the meeting, we will get to know you and talk a little more about the software and methodology. If you have been identified as a good fit after this meeting, we can set up a primer meeting and move forward with partnership opportunities.

Benefits of Becoming a Partner

  • Revenue Sharing
  • Additions to Your Solution Catalog
  • Enhancement and/or Extension of Engagement Services
  • Access to World Class Sales, Marketing and Delivery Material
  • Connection to Other Professionals in a Seasoned Network

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