Azure Updates – January 10-14 2022

Azure Updates

Azure Updates – January 10-14 2022

Get the latest updates on Azure products and features to meet your cloud investment needs.

Jan 10 Generally available: Azure Policy support for Azure Site Recovery

You can now use Azure Policy to enable Azure Site Recovery for your VMs at scale and ensure organizational standards.

Jan 10 Azure Backup – Automation updates – 2021

Summary of key automation updates for Azure Backup in 2021

Jan 10 Azure Ultra Disk Storage is now generally available in West US 3

Now available in West US 3 region, Azure Ultra Disk Storage provides high-performance along with sub-millisecond latency for your most-demanding workloads such as SAP HANA and top tier databases.

Jan 10 Generally available: Load Balancer SKU upgrade through PowerShell script

Upgrade to Standard SKU Load Balancer easily through a simple PowerShell script and take advantage of enhanced capabilities.

Jan 11 General availability: Multiple custom BGP APIPA addresses for active VPN gateways

Get more flexibility for your on-premises BGP connections to Azure and create BGP-enabled VPN connections between Azure and other cloud providers.

Jan 12 Public preview: Azure Static Web Apps enterprise-grade edge

Extend your Static Web App with a zero-config enterprise-grade edge powered by Azure Front Door.

Jan 12 Announcing price reductions for Azure confidential computing

Lower prices for Azure confidential computing virtual machines

Jan 12 General availability: Azure Sphere OS version 22.01 expected on Jan 26

Participate in the retail evaluation now to ensure full compatibility. The OS evaluation period provides 14 days for backward compatibility testing.


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