Workshop highlights


See how to stay secure and resilient across your environment

Understand how to improve productivity with seamless access to applications


Discover ways to increase IT efficiency

Learn how to reduce costs by consolidating all identity with Azure AD

“Secure & manage your entire application estate with Azure Active Directory.”

With today’s highly dispersed, remote workforce, identity is a critical element in ensuring greater visibility and control over who has access to what, when, and under what conditions. The first step is consolidating all identities, apps, and devices across on-premises and the cloud to provide a single source of truth for managing and securing access across your entire digital estate.


With Azure AD, you can have a single control pane for all your apps, users, and devices. This includes Microsoft apps like Office 365; SaaS apps like Workday, ServiceNow, Box, and Salesforce; and on-premises apps that may be using legacy authentication protocols or AD FS.

“Bring all apps under one control pane and


unlock all the benefits Azure AD can provide.”

The Total Economic Impact™ of securing apps with Microsoft Azure Active Directory

A recent Forrester study quantifying the economic benefits of securing all apps with a single identity solution produced impressive results:


Customers who secure apps with Azure Active Directory can improve user productivity and reduce costs to achieve an ROI of 123%.


Return on investment by securing apps with Azure AD


Reduction in the likelihood
of a data breach


Reduction in overall management
effort for an
IAM team


Cost savings by eliminating on-prem environments and consolidating
identity infrastructure

What to expect

During this workshop, we’ll:

  • Focus on learning about your priorities, initiatives, and key influences on your application identity security strategy.
  • Discover your identity security posture and application landscape.
  • Work together on high-level migration plans for AD FS and applications authentication’s provider.


After the workshop, you’ll:

  • Understand how migrating from AD FS and bringing applications to Azure AD can save you money.
  • Have a documented strategy for migrating apps to Azure AD.
  • Accelerate your cloud identity journey with Microsoft.
  • Have defined next steps based on your needs and objectives.
Pre-Engagement Call

Pre-Engagement Call

Kick-off Meeting

Business Value

Threat Exploration

Application Discovery

Threat Results Presentation

Application, Identity & Access Management

Engagement Decommissioning

Results & Next Steps

Who should attend

Who should attend

The workshop is intended for security decision-makers such as:

  • Chief Information Security Officer (CISO).
  • Chief Information Officer (CIO).
  • Chief Security Officer (CSO).
  • Data Protection Officer.
  • Data Governance Officer.
  • IT Security, IT Compliance, and/or IT Operations.
  • Data Governance.
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