AdaQuest Easy PIM for Azure



Today, as an IT administrator using Microsoft PIM, it will take you up to 18 mouse’ clicks, 2 credentials authentication for you to simply make your request. With Easy PIM for Azure, it will take you less than 30 seconds to securely get your privileged role granted



Easy PIM is available on multiple platform – iOS, Android, Windows Phone as well as Windows desktop. You will simply never need to use your web browser again!



With Easy PIM, no more guessing on the amount of time you have left to complete your task.

With our integrated Live Timer feature, you always know the time you have left before your privileged role is removed from you.



Easy PIM is secured. To login, you will need to use your Azure credential as well as your MFA to securely grant your role.



Able for you to choose to save your username, and even to login using your iOS Touch ID or Android Touch (option not available for Windows).



  • Request Approval
  • Pending Request
  • My Audit History
  • Require reason on approval
  • Alert notifications
  • More….

Login with your Microsoft Azure account – Access granted only for admin roles

Simple and reliable interface written in Xamarin! Same app across platforms.

Activate eligible roles – Display permanent roles – MFA protection info