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For more than 15 years, adaQuest has been helping growing companies adapt to challenges by providing intelligent services that deliver consistent results. Allow us the privilege of talking with you about your current challenge.

We work hard to make adaQuest a special place to work and work with. We hire good people, folks who are sincere and passionate about their work and the clients they serve.

We don’t let politics or conflicts get in the way of enjoying our work and each other. We’re proud that adaQuest is a safe haven where people can be themselves.

We like employees with a sense of humor that are fun to work with. People who like to help and enjoy doing good things for others.

And as always, our customers come first. For all of us at adaQuest, helping you succeed is our greatest reward.

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As President and Co-Founder of adaQuest, Hiram Machado not only brings a high level of expertise to the company, he also brings vision and a sense of boundless optimism.

Hiram Machado

President and CEO

Carol Bubar is an adaQuest Senior Consultant. After discovering a passion for process improvements and driving efficiencies, she focused her career around business process excellence.

Carol Bubar

SMART Strategy Business Unit Director

Bruno Lecoq is Black Belt Six Sigma and PMP trained. As adaQuest Vice President of Operations, he oversees delivery of all client services.

Bruno Lecoq

Chief Operating Officer
Sylwia Chmielewska

Sylwia Chmielewska brings commitment to support adaQuest’s goals and challenges, good understanding of Employment law regulations and passion for HR.

Sylwia Chmielewska

Human Resources Manager

Nany Aguado’s deep roots in localization led her to co-founding adaQuest with a vision for a more innovative localization project management model.

Nany Aguado

VP of Finance
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